Experienced, Quality Care
Experienced, Quality Care

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Effective July 1, 2023 

There will be a $35 office fee for all animal appointments. 

Thank you for your patronage!

At Pegasus, we strive to provide a practical approach to the medical needs of your animals with an emphasis on compassion.  We provide veterinary chiropractic care as well as traditional medicine.  We have several tools available to diagnose and treat your animals.  We provide emergency ambulatory service for horses as well as routine care and animal chiropractic to all species.




New for 2023:

Use us for your basic equine care (vaccines and coggins) and get 15% off all routine services! 

                                               *dentals, physicals, sheath cleanings and chiro*


For canine patients we offer multiple dog discounts. The discounts include: 10% off secound dog, 15% off third dog, 20% off all dogs after. Must be the same owner.

Pegasus has been in the Fond du Lac area since 1999 and can provide you with experienced, quality care. 

We look forward to building a bond with your animals and with your family.  We believe that we can best treat your animals when we use a whole environment approach to develop short term and long term goals with all the four legged friends in your life.


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